Born in a brewery of Kyoto

What is “Kuramoto-no-Shizuku“?

Kuramoto no Shizuku is a series of cosmetics made from Japanese sake by the historic sake brewery called “Miyakozuru”.
Sake lees extract, and rice fermented extract are the beauty ingredients made from Japanese Sake.

Sake lees is the white rice in Japanese sake that not turned into sake.
It contains rich protein, peptide, vitamins and other nutrients.

For its use, it can be added into soups and can also be used in pickles.
It often be used as food, which are all high nutritional value of food.

In addition, sake lees contain whitening ingredients such as Arbutin, Kojic Acid, and vitamins,
so it widely be used in cosmetic product.

Rice fermented extract is made by white rice.
Extracting beauty ingredients that are useful for the skin which contains several types of amino acids and lactic acid.
Amino acids are necessary for the composition of collagen, which is very effective for improving skin firmness.
Additionally, Lactic Acid can make your skin soft by retaining moisture.

Beauty Cream

Whitening Cream with Sake Lees Extract

Face Wash

Remove Dirt!
Rich Foam Beauty Face Wash

Face Toner

Moisturizing & Whitening Face Toner



Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is it true that Sake lees extract can whiten hands?
A. Because sake lees contain arbutin and kojic acid which are ingredients that whiten the skin, the sake brewer’s hands became very soft and white.
Q.How to apply the cream?
A.After washing your face and applying toner, take an appropriate amount on your fingertips and apply it to the areas of concern on your face and body.
Q.How long can the cream be used?
A.It depends on the area and range of use, 20g can be used around 1 month and 50g for about 2.5 months.
Q.Can it be used together with the All-in-One Gel?
A.Yes, can use both. If your All-in-One Gel is highly moisturizing, please use it after our cream.
Q.Is it contain Alcohol?
A.No. The ingredients contain an ingredient called phenoxyethanol, but it is not alcohol.
Q.My skin is sensitive, can I use it?
A.Yes. But we suggest doing the skin test before applying on face.