The customer provide us a chance
to develop the brand of “Kuramoto no Shizuku”

“I’m really want to remove the old keratin on my face like dark spots!”
said by the customer. So, we started to find whether there was an ingredient that could not only whiten the skin, but also took care of the old keratin.

At that time, we found the Japanese Sake from a long-established sake brewery in Kyoto with a history of over 180 years.

Big age spot on the back of hands disappeared

“Several years ago, I suddenly took over the family brewery,” said the brewer of ‘Miyakotsuru’,
a long-established sake brewery in Kyoto with over 180 years of history.

“For many years, I had large dark spots on the back of my hand, but while I was working as a brewer,
my hand turned bright and white, and people around me were surprised.
So, I started to develop the cosmetics because I want more people can experience the same effect.”