Kuramoto no Shizuku is a series of cosmetics made from Japanese sake
by the historic sake brewery called “Miyakozuru”.

Sake lees extract, and rice fermented extract are the beauty ingredients made from Japanese Sake.
Sake lees is the white rice in Japanese sake that not turned into sake.
It contains rich protein, peptide, vitamins and other nutrients.

For its use, it can be added into soups and can also be used in pickles.
It often be used as food, which are all high nutritional value of food.

In addition, sake lees contain whitening ingredients such as Arbutin, Kojic Acid, and vitamins, so it widely be used in cosmetic product.

Rice fermented extract is made by white rice.
Extracting beauty ingredients that are useful for the skin which contains several types of amino acids and lactic acid.
Amino acids are necessary for the composition of collagen, which is very effective for improving skin firmness.
Additionally, Lactic Acid can make your skin soft by retaining moisture.


Kuramoto-no-Shizuku contains super beauty ingredients!

Ordinary sake lees are made by breaking down most of the ingredients of the rice into sake.
In the process, the beauty ingredients contained in the sake lees are also reduced.

However, the Kuramoto no Shizuku uses “Daiginjo” sake lees,
which retains about twice as much of the rice components as normal sake lees,
so it is possible to left more beauty ingredients in the sake lees.

Sake lees extract contains whitening ingredients such as Arbutin, Kojic acid, and Vitamins,
as well as Protease enzymes that keep your skin soft.
It is effective for against dark spots appears on the aged skin.

With 4 other kinds of beauty and moisturizing ingredients

Moreover, not only the beauty ingredients contain in the sake lees extract, but also contains rice bran that smooth and moisturize the skin,
yogurt that softens the skin by inhibiting dryness, Vitamin C provide brightness to the skin.
Also formulated with prune to moisturize the skin and improve your skin texture.
In addition, it also contains AHA, which can effectively soften and smooth skin.

Use sake from the long-established sake brewery "Miyakotsuru"


The Sake called “Miyakotsuru”

The Sake called “Miyakotsuru”, which is the raw material of the Sake lees extract of Kuramoto-no-Shizuku
were ranked in the Sake Top List which published in 1840.

Miyakotsuru’s sake is made from rare rice called “Iwaimai” which is difficult to mass production.
“Kyonohanakobo” a flower yeast from Kyoto as well as soft, high-quality Kyoto groundwater called “Fushimi”.
This is a very precious sake that can only be made once a year using these three special ingredients.